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We are one of the best criminal lawyers in dubai , trained well for all kinds of criminal laws. Uae criminal law is a federal law derived from several provisions of islamic sharia. Our office has a team of criminal licenced lawyers who represent client's acused of federal crimes and criminal offenses in the UAE. Our criminal lawyers are trained to handle cases from police investigation to prosecution and criminal courts. Our criminal lawyers work with their clients until the case is closed in first instance court/ appeal court / surpreme court. Our criminal lawyers guarantee that our clients are represented fairly, legally and fully throughout the entire justice process. We provide consultation and representation services relating to use and abuse of narcotics & alcohol, bounced cheques, murder, theft, swindling, threats, and all other matters criminal in nature before the public prosecutions and courts in the UAE. We are criminal lawyers who provides such kind of services to all nationalities and indiviuals we try our best to protect our clients in all kinds of situatutions.Best criminal lawyers specializing in wide spectrum of legal services within the UAE. It was established based on the philosophy of delivering at the highest level of personalized legal services at cost-effective rates. It is a licensed law firm practicing legal representation before courts in the Dubai, Cairo and london. It consist of group of advocates and legal consultants who thrives to achieve deliverables within a set timeframe through proper understanding of client’s legal requirements, and providing optimal solutions through adopting measured methodology and profound legal knowledge. Our lawyer have recorded high level of success rate leading to the constant sustainability of the firm.



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Nasser Hashem has experience of more than 25 years in criminal Law

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